My name is very fucking confused whats your name?


Hiii welcome to my wwwebpage

This is my personal website where i post about things i like and do, hope you have fun looking around!

go give my little guy some attention


[6:36 PM | 5/8/23] Added new blog post,, and nothin else! sorry @_@; im hoping to make a page for the winamp skins ive made and also finally flesh out the vg pages maybe within the next week or so, the only thing thats held me back aside from my life being busy is just i suck at putting my thoughts into words. wish me luck o7.

[9:46 AM | 1/27/2023] BEEN A WHILE. been having major computer problems but thats all fixed now ^_^ was just overall not motivated to work on this before that too and then i got busy with real life matters and all that, but whatever im gonna try to get back into the swing of this again. Updated my art page, Worked on more of my pages dedicated to the games i play, added a new blog entry and just spruced some things up in general :] thanks for reading!

[4:45 PM | 5/5/2022] Added a page for my art o_O and i made a little button for the website!!

[4:18 PM | 5/3/2022] Finally made a credits page and a new blog post! apologies for the lack of progress on the site, ive been having a pyschotic episode and ive been having a hard time being productive more to come soon !

[8:32 AM | 3/22/2022] Been off and on adding minor things to the site for the past month, Added the gaming redirect, so far only the half-life section works and 90% of the pages in there are under construction, but hopefully some will be finished soon. also thanks so much for 800+ views!! i wasnt expecting that kind of attention when i made this site but im very flattered that people thought it looked cool enough to give it a click

[11:21 AM | 1/19/2022] Added an entry and added webamp to the blog page, Added a guestbook, and added more buttons on the side for future additions

[4:18 PM | 1/18/2022] Finished the about page, go check it out ^_^

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