|1| i have unboxed 2 all class taunt unusualifiers and one unusual hat in tf2
|2| i like achievement hunting in video games a lot :] currently working on postal redux and hatred
|3| i built my own pc!
|4| my favorite place in the world is the arcade at my theater
|5| im trying to drink every flavor of monster energy, their best flavors are ultra paradise, ultra watermelon, white pineapple reserve, and original
|6| i listned to end of small sanctuary by akria yamaoka 2,501 times last year o_O i was also in the top 0.05% of akira yamaoka listeners last year according to my spotify wrapped
|7| i make winamp skins occasionally
|8| when im not using my pc my go to console for gaming is the playstation 2, current favorite games for it is Guitar hero and Katamari damacy
|9| despite being an mgs and hitman fan i am terrible at stealth games
|10| ive only ever dyed my hair red but if i were to dye it any other color id go with lime green |  Home The Web MySpace     Help |  SignUp 
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Last Login: 7/15/2001
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something inside my crt blew up and not a day has passed where i have not thought about how bad it smelled.   (view more)

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