My name is very fucking confused whats your name?


[5:13 PM | 5/8/23] life truely never stops coming at you @_@ havnt gotten to do really much of anything on this site because i keep getting busy with other things in real life. ive had to go pretty much 2 states over twice in the past few months but whatever its cool, i like the little adventures i keep going on, especially since the past few years i havnt really done much except be on the internet, it feels great to be able to take a break from it. ^_^ being on so many roadtrips has given me the chance to listen to so many albums that i otherwise wouldnt have the time to listen to in full. i also got to take home some really cool things like quake 2 on the ps1 and a full stack of gameinformer magazines that my sister gave me! i got to spend a lot of time out in the woods too which was super fun since i live out in the desert. anyway onto other topics o_O. ive started watching flcl and ergo proxy, so far im loving them both, i was also watching higurashi (2006) and made it through most of season 1 BUT THEN THEY FUCKING TOOK IT OFF OF HIDIVE BEFORE I COULD FINISH IT......and now i cant find it anywhere -_- and i dont really want to spend 100 dollars on the dvd box set. whatevar. ive been obsessed with guitar hero these past few months btw, so obsessed it made me buy a wii guitar just to play the games on my computer and rockband for the psp, the cool thing about the guitar is that it came with the wii drums too! which i am dogshit terrible at! but its fine lmao it was a learning experience. in other video game related news i got my hands on a physical copy of metriod prime remastered and im really loving it, i didnt get to grow up playing the original so this is my first experience with it ^_^. also! i got all the achievements in postal 2!! still working on 1 and redux ive started biking again ^_^ i forgot how much i enjoyed riding my bike, even tho its 90 degree weather out here it doesnt bother me. im shrimply having fun. 2days muzak of da day: Zwitter by Rammstein, Love for my insane lover by Akira Yamaoka and No more sorrow by Linkin park. thanks for hanging out :p byeee

[9:51 AM | 1/27/23] man. its been like nearly a year since i wrote. well! ive seen so many movies since, listened to so much music, i finally was able to rewatch invader zim with one of my best friends and it was like, soo much fun i really really forgot how much i LOVED that show when i was a kid :] speaking of things i loved when i was a kid i was finally able to play through alice madness returns, a game that ive always wanted to play but was never able to get my hands on (i was a wii only household growing up X_X) and it was SOOOO FUN i loved it. it was as cool as i hoped it would be X] OH!! SAW COLLECTION UPDATE!! i got THE VHS TAPE!!!! :D it looks brand new and when i watched it it had like NO tape decay!! literally crazy,, i also got the soundtrack for saw 1 on cd! the one with adams original appartment music on it (pitbull daycare's you make me feel so dead) AND the theatrical credits song (fear factorys bite the hand that bleeds) both of which i LOVE, plus the case looks awesome. ^_^ speaking of cool cds i got the half-life 1 prima guide for christmas AND IT CAME WITH THE FUCKING HALF-LIFE 1 CD!!!!! RAAHGHHH im so happy about it.. anway if youre reading this you may have seen me mention i was having computer problems in the update feed,, well thats because i replaced several parts in my computer o_O .. and my fuhreaking hard drive with my operating system died in the process -_- but its all totally fixed now so its like ok, BUT!! crazy news about that since it died that meansss i have no parts from my original prebuilt 2010s pc left in my computer o_o! WHICH MEANS I BUILT MY OWN COMPUTER!!! AND IT RUNS BEAUTIFULLY??? im like crazy proud of myself,, so i guess it was worth all the stress ^_^;; while on the topic of stress, i went on vacation last year! unfortunately during my time there i realized that im. even more disabled than i had thought.. and im going BACK on vacation in about a week............ X___X ..BUT were looking into renting me a wheelchair, so ill see how that goes? i hope it goes over well or im gonna go crazy T_T oh well! cant be a winner all the time. :p todays muzak rec is descent by fear factory! also, check out my letterboxd if youre curious on what all ive watched the past year, ive been trying to log everything. thanks for reading :] see you l8r

[3:58 PM | 5/3/2022] IM SO BAD ABOUT NOT POSTING LMAO anyway. i watched spiral, it was really good i liked it it was much better than a few other saw movies ive seen. i ALSO went to go see sonic 2 and it was like. literally life changing i love sonic soo much, if youre thinking about seeing it PLEASE go see it i promise youll like it. i saw batman too which was breathtaking idek what to say about it tbh,, speaking of movies i bought saw 1 again lmao, this time i got the dirrectors cut dvd, the box is so cute it used to have fake blood in it but over time its.. dried out T_T but im happy to have it anyway. ive listened to a lot of new music since i last posted, yesterday i listened to Forever in your heart by Black dresses, i think my fav song off of it was waiting42morrow. other songs ive been listening to a lot are Please by nine inch nails and Kono speed no saki e by Mass of the fermenting dregs. other than that ive been really into postal as of late, im trying to get all the achievements on postal 1, 2 and redux, its going pretty good! :] got a few more pc gamer magz in the mail from ebay recently too, im hoping to be able to start posting about them somewhere on this site later.. but anyway, thats abt all i can think of talking about :p see u around

[10:59 AM | 1/19/2022] First post! im just gonna recap the past month. I watched the entire saw series except for spiral, and it was pretty good! not TOO crazy about 5 and i really fucking hated saw 3d but. you take what you can get with horror movies tbh, none of the movies will ever come close to how good saw 1 and 2 were tbh HOWEVER im really excited to watch spiral!! i got it on dvd yesterday im super hyped about it, i really enjoyed the other saw spinoff movie (jigsaw) so i have pretty high hopes for spiral. speaking of saw i got saw 1 and 2 psp umds so now i can watch it ANYWHERE and watch them on the psp, which gives me insane style points i think. Anyway, i got a playstation 2 for christmas and ive been playing a lot of katamari damacy and tony hawks proskater 3, i also got metal gear solid 2 and 3 but i havnt played them yet, im waiting for my metal gear hyperfix to kick back in lol, but speaking of hyperfixations i got half life on the ps2 aswell!! its a pain in the ass to play with a controller but i love it anyway because i LOOOVE half life ill post more about it in the gaming tab when i get that up and running but i got a copy of pc gamer magazine from december 2004 thats got a half life 2 cover, not only is it just an awesome thing to be on display but reading it was really fun. :] I also got 2 nine inch nails cds while i was out yesterday too, downward spiral and pretty hate machine, im super happy about it im just a lil sad they didnt have with teeth or i wouldve grabbed that one too rip. thats pretty much all thats on my mind rn, bye!